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My Favorite Sons at Walkers

Around twelve years ago (maybe more) I was just starting to get some gigs as an upright bassist when Ralph Sappington hired me for a gig at Walkers with Jeff Troxel on guitar, and the owner of Walkers, Bill Honaker on drums (Walkers has had live jazz on Sundays for two decades) that gig started an almost fifteen year friendship. Since then, there are years that I will have played almost half of my year’s Sundays at Walkers and most of them with Bill behind the kit. Ten years ago, when I started teaching private guitar lessons, one of my first students was Bill’s (real and favorite) son Will Honaker. Will and I are ten years difference in age and as the years passed we started to become peers and friends ever since. Will has turned into an amazing musician (especially bassist) based in Nashville, TN. Hearing Will and his dad lock into the pocket is something to behold!

So with that lengthy intro I am sure you can gather that tonight’s gig is more than just another gig—it’s like playing with family (Sam White on tenor saxophone and Erik Olson on keyboards are also guys I have played with and loved for years). We’ve been rehearsing for hours over the last few days and things are sounding great. We are also having some guest vocalists John Roberts (trombone also) and Emerald Heart sit in.

Bill is offering a discount for artists all night long so if you are looking for a break before your break, come down and hang!