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Parker Brown and the Bleeding Hearts at St. Johns twentieth concert series!!!!

"There is not a flood in all the worlds that can douse a sacred flame in me, that builds, that rises even higher, each time I slay another fear.



I have either attended or performed for the St. Johns summer concert series every year that I have lived in Billings (14 years!) and Thursday, July 20th will be the first time that I will be headlining my own show with my band The Bleeding Hearts. 

I am beyond excited to have the opportunity to perform with my crew for the people on the giant St. Johns lawn. If you've never been, the crowds are always around 3,000 people (or more) and they surround the band while the musicians perform in a gazebo. The thought of trying to connect with a crowd of this magnitude, with my own original material, is incredibly daunting--but I can't wait to see how it will end up.  

It is easy to want to retreat and to expect the worst–that you are not capable of reaching people in this setting, that they are going to want to hear only cover music, that you might not have enough personality to win them over–-those little monsters lurking at the edges of the mind quickly take you to murky places of doubt. As I gain more self knowledge, I realize that the connection will happen as it is supposed to; how ever it ends up, I consider it a lesson from an honest teacher. No matter what, just to be considered for the twentieth anniversary series is a feather in my cap. The new experience will bring me and the band a sense of joy and accomplishment.