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Dave Caserio, Marc Beaudin, Parker Brown, and Billy Conway (!!!!!) at the Attic in Livingston, MT

I have been performing and collaborating with Dave C for over eight years. We have performed to a magnitude of audiences from full crowds at performing arts centers and pubs, to a lawn chair circle of awkward campers at a State Park. We have performed for an incredible amount of elementary, middle, high school and College students’ classes; kids that study poetry and kids that hate poetry; classes of eight year olds that understand and write poetry on a deep level to high school kids that sleep at their desks for the entire time. Not to mention the numerous libraries, community centers and even house parties across our great state of Montana. 

Looking back, I can’t really believe all that we have done together—I certainly never thought getting together with the new waiter that needed accompaniment for his poetry would lead to such opportunities and experiences.

This next opportunity that I am particularly excited for is our next gig which will be at the Attic in Livingston, MT on June tenth. We are performing with Marc Beaudin, poet and owner of Elk River Books in Livingston, MT, and we are also adding an extremely fantastic drummer into the mix from one of my all time favorite bands MORPHINE, Billy Conway. I am over the moon that I get to meet and perform with him! 

I can guarantee that it will be a night to be remembered and I am positive we're all going to have fun and get as deep and as emo as possible.