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Kemmick Loft Concert with Parker Brown and the Bleeding Hearts.

        Some people punch a hole in your being whenever they are around, and then you leak out energy and other kinds of vitals you could have used

Then, there are people who can connect you to a depth in their heart and for a moment, maybe an hour, maybe a day, you will share their radiance.

The China doll in us, at some point, will no longer break. It is then you will find you have the ability to heal others, in a way few in this world can


I can remember when I first started performing my own material, eight years ago, during my weekly solo gigs at Tiny’s Tavern and the Club Carlin. I was wet behind the ears and only used to performing with others as a side man. Every part of me wished to be as slim as the mic stand so I could hide from the people in attendance. In fact, I would pray that people wouldn’t show up, or if they did, start talking so I could ease into my performance. I was comfortable  performing in front of people while they carried on eating, drinking, and talking.

Now, after years of performing and feeling like I am developing my craft into something worth being heard, felt, and connected with, all I want is to share it with people. I have been fortunate to have some very meaningful "listening" shows with this project over the last year and it has been so refreshing and invigorating--life changing, even. I believe it becomes meaningful--not just the performer, but to the audience as well--there is an energy that fills the room when we are both open and connecting on a thoughtful and vulnerable level. 

So, on Friday, the twenty-fifth of March, I will be performing with my band (now aptly titled Parker Brown and the Bleeding Hearts) at the Kemmick Loft in downtown Billings. I have had the privilege of performing there with the Rimrock Hot Club to a very attentive and respectful crowd. To say the least, I can’t wait. It's sold out, so if you haven't RSVP'd then get on the waiting list! Let's share eachother's "radiance".  

This will also be Matt Devitt’s first show with us on percussion as well as a line up that I am going to try and have for our out of town shows and other house concerts. It will be Erik Olson, piano; Phillip Griffin, bass and backup vocals; John Roberts, trombone; Sam White, tenor saxophone. 

If you are interested, please contact It’s bring your own chair and beer. Fantastic hour d’ oeuvres will be served for your snacking needs. I hope to see you there.