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Parker Brown Plays Love Songs for you. Featuring Trevor Krieger and Phillip Griffin

I am always excited to perform at the "Winery". As I was getting back into performing my singer-songwriter thing, playing at the Yellowstone Winery and Cellars was always a feather in my cap. The crowd, staff, and owner have always been very responsive and kind to me and my material.  It's a great place to grab some fantastic wine as well as enjoy some conversation and music. I've played in places where I feel like I am just playing to the cacophonous swirling grey wall of people's conversations. Although this atmosphere is conducive to conversation and a good time, there is always this vibe of keeping the music on the forefront. I like that. 

I also like that I am playing with two very good friends. If you haven't heard Trevor Krieger play his fiddle or violin then you've been missing out. I love playing with Trevor because I know that he is trying to go with me wherever I go--to make the music an experience--as good as it can be. I like watching my son play on the playground with his buddies in pre-school and they are running around with out a plan, zig-zagging through the grounds, under the slides, up on top of the highest perch, getting lost in fun like no one is watching. This is the same way I think of the times that Trevor and I really link up. There is a light that goes on, a head nod, an eye brow raise, and a non verbal "let's go!".

Phillip has already been discussed in previous posts, but as we perform and hang out, I feel that our music becomes stronger (I have always been a firm believer in that thanks to Clay Green), and we are tapping into something that will be very potent in the future. That kind of energy makes me excited.

So, come on down and bring yer sweetie, or bring your self. Nothing wrong with being alone. Yer not alone; we're playing for you.