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First Montana jaunt (hopefully more to come

It is fun to think that one year ago I started this project with no particular idea in mind. I Just knew that I wanted to share the songs that I had written that year with people. Not long after my first show at a local restaurant, I started recording my first solo album We Were Young. Now, and not since about 2006 have I tried to promote a project, book a "tour," and get reviews. And never has it been with my own project. It's fitting that almost ten years later I am trying to do it all again. I was so burned out after that project that the thought of doing this made me physically ill (or something like that). This time it's all on my shoulders, so I could either sit around and hope for gigs to roll in or get on the horn and make something happen. The result is a three day "jaunt" in three Montana towns: 12.15.16 @ Lewis and Clark Brewing Company, Helena, MT; 12.16.16 @ Cikan House, Bozeman, MT; and 12.17.16 @ Yellowstone Valley Brewing Company, Billings, MT. 

*we are playing tonight at Plonk in Bozeman (12.14.16) with Erik Olson's love jam big band

That may not seem like much, but it takes an incredible amount of work when you are first getting out there. Even if people know your name, they can't do much until you build a reputation with them through your music. "But how do you build a reputation if you can't get gigs?" you may aks, well, that is a good question. My experience is that eventually someone gives you a chance, and once you build a relationship with them you are able to get the dates you need quickly and then focus your energy on getting gigs in new towns. Slow arduous process. 

Anywho, without getting too business about it, I am pleased to be hitting the road for this snowy little "jaunt" with my friends to share some of my/our work, heart, and soul with some new folks and friends that have never seen this side of me before. I am extremely honored to be playing at these venues--Cikan house has been a dream of mine as a jazz musician and I am thankful enough that they are opening their home to my music of this "genre". 

I hope to see some friends out at the shows.