Big Sky Trio

Keller Paulson, Erik Olson, and Parker Brown of Big Sky Trio

Keller Paulson, Erik Olson, and Parker Brown of Big Sky Trio


About our album Short Stories:

If you enjoy jazz, Short Stories is a surefire delight: a warm-hearted experiment, honoring familiar forms and treading new ground. If you don’t, this could be the perfect bridging moment. What began as a playful after-hours jam more than a year ago turned into a songwriting collaboration, turned into a powerful album.

Big Sky Trio is Parker Brown, Erik Olson, and Keller Paulson, three fresh faces who hail from the Rocky Mountains, and they could use a hand bringing their debut to life. 

Situated somewhere between straight-ahead bop and rock-and-roll, between Bill Evans and hip-hop, between Robert Glasper and Miles Davis. Sunday morning tracks, Friday night tracks. Playful, elegant, progressive, soulful original music. 

“Short Stories is a technical, yet emotional style of music,” Parker said. “Being an instrumental album, I think it can cross cross the blood-brain-barrier with more ease.” In broad sweeps, this is a fresh appeal to both brain and beast. It’s a feast of feelings—and thoughts—that get under your skin. Short Stories is poised for a final mastering before it hits the presses, landing first with its Kickstarter supporters. Big Sky Trio devoted a fun, productive weekend in June to record this album with talented engineer, Monte Nickles, and the help of Rob Rumbolz, at the lovely Northwest College Studios in Powell, Wyoming. What they captured is an album they are proud of. They can’t wait to share this music with their friends, families, and appreciators, at home and beyond.