Specializing in double bass, electric bass and guitar, Parker Brown is a private instructor, songwriter, and a freelance and studio musician.  He grew up surrounded by music, spending many hours around his father’s bands and extensive record collection. From an early age he went to gigs, rehearsals, and even on a few tours with his dad. 

Now, a private instructor and freelance musician for eight years, Parker runs a studio of thirty students with skill levels ranging from beginner to advanced. He teaches at his private studio, Allied Music, in Billings, MT, and adjunctly at Sheridan College in Sheridan, WY;  Rocky Mountain College and Montana State University B in Billings, MT

As a freelance musician Parker has performed with jazz musicians Jeff Hamilton, Ronnie Bedford, Jack Walrath, and Nick Mancini. 

As a studio musician Parker has recorded as a bassist and guitarist on over twenty albums, working almost primarily with Base Camp Studio in Bozeman, MT.

Currently, Parker released his first solo album, We Were Young, a work comprised of songs that Parker has composed, arranged, and written lyrics for.